GIA Report

What is a GIA Report?

A GIA report represents the most technologically advance diamond and gemstone evaluation possible.  It provides a unique blueprint of a gemstone’s attributes and tangible record of its quality.

As the world’s preeminent gemological laboratory and research center, GIA is often the first to examine new gem materials entering the marketplace.  It is also a leader in the discovery of new methods to detect and identify the latest simulants, treatments and synthetics.  These discoveries translate into expert gemological services and underlie the unrivaled accuracy and precision of a GIA Report.

The GIA has tested and certified Sterling Opal as a synthetic opal.

What is Synthetic Opal?

​The official gemological definition of a synthetic stone REQUIRES that it must have the same composition as the natural stone in order to be called synthetic.   It must be the same chemically, optically and physically as their mined natural counterparts.  The only difference is one is mined from the ground and synthetic is created in a lab.